Coal Bunker Vertical- 3cwt (150kg)

Product Code: 062-A


The Coal Bunker Vertical – 3cwt (150kg) is ideal for coal, turf, wood or briquette storage.

The plastic fuel bunkers unique design has been developed with the householder in mind. The upper lid opening makes it easy to fill the bunker. The lower opening door opens upwards thus allowing for easy access to the vertical fuel storage container. An inner hidden cowl prevents large amounts of fuel flowing out onto the ground.

This size coal bunker is ideal for a person who occasionally uses an open fire. The rotationally moulded UV stabilised unit guarantees a strong and durable weather resistant unit. The fuel bunker is long lasting and maintenance free.

Our Coal Bunker Vertical – 3cwt (150kg) come in black as standard. Other colours are available on request. Our coal bunkers are available in Ireland and the UK. The Coal Bunker is capable of holding 3 X 40kg Bags of Coal.

  • Width: 650mm
  • Depth: 650mm
  • Height: 1,000mm
  • Capacity: 150kg (3 large bags of coal)
  • The 3cwt (150kg) Coal Bunker Vertical is manufactured from recycled UV Stabilised Medium Density Polyethylene.
  • The U.V. Stabiliser has a rating of 8 (i.e. Heat Stabilised, Good Colour Retention, and Long Life Expectancy).
  • The weight of this product is approximately 10kg.
  • Further details to follow
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  • The Coal Bunker 3cwt (150kg) is manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified production unit.