Sturdy Quick Set

Product Code: 491-A


The Sturdy Quick Set is a grout designed to fix metal, plastic, wooden or concrete fixings into the ground.

The grout sets in 5-10 minutes given ideal conditions.

Examples of products where this Quick Set Grout can be used are, the Sturdy Musoir Poles, Sturdy Abutment Bollards and Sturdy Delineator Poles

  • Mass: 20kg bags
  • Coverage: 1 x 20kg bag covers a hole 203mm diameter, 635mm deep
  • Compressive Strength: 20N at 28 days
  • Ideal Working Temperature: 5ºC
  • Setting time: 5-10 minutes
  • Density: 2100kg/ m³
  • The Sturdy Quick Set product is a grout for use with metal, plastic, wooden and concrete ground fixings.
    1. Dig a hole to suit your fixting.
    2. Pour clean water into a bucket filling half the bucket.
    3. Pour in Sturdy Quick Set powder and mix until no dry powder is left.
    4. Quickly pour grout into the hole.
    5. Stamp on grout to eliminate any air holes before it’s fully set.
    6. Your fixting is now set.
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